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All Products are Available in Bulka Bags

Coarse / River Sand

Ideal for used as a base when compaction that required such as under pavers and/or retaining walls or for use in concrete works.

Maroota White Brick Sand

Pure white sand that works very well with off white cement when bricklaying.

Yellow Brick Sand

Clay-based general-purpose sand for various applications. Great for brick and/or block laying mixes, brick bagging or as a base for in-ground pools.

Washed River Sand

Washed river sand is super fine sand suitable for interior and/or exterior use,  Ideally for general purpose use like paving & gardens, and it is perfect for children sand pits.

Sydney Washed Sand

This multi-purpose sand, suitable for tiling and grouting, also well suited for rendering, plaster work and children sandpits use.

Newcastle Sand

Washed & fine sand, popular for rendering & tiling. Just like Sydney sand, it is also popularly used for children sandpits.

Recycled Bedding Sand

Economically recycled sand often used to site-level slabs, pipe bedding, and/or trench filling.

Compaction Sand

A washed sand primarily used for the backfill of water, drainage & electrical applications.

Core Fill

This is a blend of sand and aggregate. Various uses include core filling masonry blocks and for post holes along with concreting.

Blue Metal Dust

Blue metal dust is typically used for a base under synthetic grass. Product size ranges from dust particles to minus 5mm.

Cement Stabilised Sand

A 60/40 Slag-Cement binder is water blended with our EnviroSand bedding sand to create a premium bedding sand which is cement stabilised. This is used commonly where Stormwater pipes are being laid close to or under trafficked pavements and roads. Also suitable for use under slabs for a stronger base. Cement ratios can be blended from 2% (50:1) to 12% (8:1). Please refer to your engineering specifications for which ratio is suitable for use on your project.

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