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All Products are Available in Bulka Bags

Organic Garden Mix

General all-purpose mix for landscapes & garden beds. Made from the soil, manure, sawdust, sand, compost organics and some coffee grounds. Idea for veggie shrubs and annuals.

Recycled Turf Underlay

An economical & versatile recycled underlay, commonly used for fill or before a top layer is applied.

80/20 Natural Turf Underlay

80/20 natural turf underlay is a popular gardening soil. It is comprised of a mixture of sand, silt & clay, has a more gritty or sandy feel & excellent drainage qualities.

Premium Garden Mix

Premium Garden Mix is a specialised garden soil containing coarse sand, graded ash, coco peat and composted organics. It can be used for a wide range of purposes including potting up of plants – specifically useful with managing the growth and improvement of Azaleas, Camellias and indoor plants.

Organic Garden Mix

Organic Garden Mix contains coarse sand, composted sawdust, composted pinebark, composted organics and spent coffee grounds. It creates a product that can help rejuvenate garden areas that have suffered from plant disease, burnt off soil areas and can help top up garden bed areas.

General Purpose Potting Mix

General Purpose Potting Mix® is a potting mix designed for planting of new plants, topping up of existing hanging baskets, planter boxes and new wall units.

Organic Top Dressing

Organic Top Dressing is a high quality soil mix made from 25% double washed River Sand, 25% Soil and 50% composted organics. It is combined with a base fertiliser to help aid turf growth within its first 12 month growing season.

Turf Underlay

Turf Underlay is a specifically designed soil product for all turf development and refurbishment as a free draining medium. Ideal for turf growth and root support,

Complete Vegetable and Seedling Mix

Complete Vegetable and Seedling Mix is a special soil made up from 30% Greenlife Soil, 10% Cow Manure, 20% Course Sand, 40% Greenlife with added Dolomite and Complete Fertiliser.


Topsoil with no added fertiliser. Ideal for used as a base for gardens, levelling lawns or as a general filler.

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